$1.99 Domain Names: GoDaddy Coupon Codes 2015

GoDaddy offers monthly coupons that you should definitely take advantage of. I have saved hundreds of dollars over the years thanks to the codes they release.l


Right now, you can grab a .com domain name for just $1.99 by clicking here and using this code CJCRMN199, CODER199DOG199, or RAD199, at checkout. These codes are for new .com registrations only, and allow one use per customer.

More GoDaddy Coupon Codes for 2014-2015:

GoDaddy is beginning to disable a lot of coupons, but here are some that work and some that *may* work. Sometimes coupons only apply to certain accounts or products, so if one doesn’t work, try another.

ACOSKS55 – $10 off your order of $50 (works on renewals) *verified December 30, 2014

SAS15ORDER – Save $15 off your order of $75 (works on renewals) *verified December 30, 2014

HOSTVIP20 – Save 20% off hosting *verified December 30, 2014

CJCRMN33 – Save 33% off the Discount Domain Club making the membership $60.29 per year. If you have multiple domains, it’s worth it. *verified December 30, 2014

CJC3CP – Existing customers register a new .COM domain for $3 and get $1 private registration. *verified December 30, 2014

CJC599NEW – Register a new .NET domain for $5.99

free6 – 1 year of free domain privacy with new domain signup

go32off6 – 32% off your order of new products

50host1 – 50% off new hosting plans plus a free domain

CJCRMN3CP – 84% off .com domains and $1 domain privacy *HOT*

cjcrmn199 – $1.99 domain name


Expired/May not work:

cjcrmnh50 – 50% off hosting plans + Free domain with annual plan purchase

cjcrmn30n – 30% off your order

gdbbx1705 – 33% off .com and .net domain renewals, 44% off .org renewals

gdbbx1705 – 33% off renewals, $9.99 renewals (plus ICANN fee)

BB2086D15 – Save 30% off + FREE private registration

BIGWIN30 – 30% off domain renewals

cjcrmnhost – 70% off 12 months Economy hosting

HOSTDJ – Economy hosting plan for $1.99 per month for one year plus free domain

go32off1 – 32% off + 50% off new hosting plans + 50% off First Year of Business


Please note that some offers only allow you to use your Credit Card to checkout, not Paypal. If a code isn’t working for you, it could be due to your country. Try another code instead.

  • Katy Davis

    hey there, i recently started a blog with dreamhost but realized there are too many people with my domain title. I therefore have decided to change my domain name. Could I use this coupon and still get my new domain or would I have to use go daddy as my host too? Love your blog, I have built websites in the past for fun but only ever used HTML coding. New to wordpress and new to blogging and so far love learning : ) thanks for all the advice!

  • http://www.aceance.com/ Aceance

    Thanks for sharing, but no code works for .net domain.

  • Jean B.

    Thanks for sharing… I was able to registar a new domain with privacy protection using one of the codes above and I paid less than $5. You have tons of helpful information and l look forward to getting back to blogging again but the right way this time.

  • Kevin V. Huhn

    WOW! What a powerful thought process! I am going on a journey and was wondering if a blog was worth doing… of course I am also learning – have a purpose. Otherwise I am just journaling in the virtual world. THANK YOU!!!

  • Ahmad Shah Adami

    None of the coupons work


  • Trish Pulley

    I’m an old customer as well and just used the $1.99 domain one! Not long ago I got a 99¢ domain. You don’t have to be a new customer. :)

  • שלמי חדד

    40% OFF GoDaddy .com .net .org .co .biz .me .info any Domain registration 40% OFF GoDaddy .com .net .org .co .biz .me .info on any Domain registration.

    This Coupon works on any extensions registered through GoDaddy

    Coupon Code: WOW344

    It works on not already sale items. Becoz if you are trying to register any extensions lile .ms .gs this will give 40 % off

    screenshot – you will get 40% off

    I uploaded my checkout screenshot http://oi41.tinypic.com/5ttj4z.jpg

  • Faheem Tariq Bhat

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  • rico

    I would try hostcloudco.com they have 1.99 domains with any hosting plan. I think some even make your domain name free. Their coupon code is hostcloud to get 15% off anything else you buy.

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  • SinCityExaminer

    All $1.99 Codes are invalid!

  • miskat

    more coupons at http://rosomoygupto.com

  • Jeffrey Fike

    Godaddy has locked out ALL domain name registration codes for ALL EXISTING CUSTOMERS, since they took the stock public in April of this year (2015). New customers, come on in, get 1 whole domain for 99 cents, then 8.99-14.99 for every other one, for the rest of time. Good luck getting that stock price to climb, GoDaddy.

  • Cathy D. Slaght

    How do you get these thing to work? None of them are working bit.ly/1UAfnIT

  • ShapewearSLIMS