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Getting Started with Google Adsense

Getting Started with Google AdsenseWhat is Google Adsense? How does it work? These are some questions you might be asking yourself as you grow your blog.

Google Adsense is a cost-per-click (CPC) ad network that allows website owners to sign up and place image and text ads on their websites in order to generate income. It is an easy way for bloggers and website owners to start making money online, especially if they have the traffic.

Once you install the codes provided by Adsense, the Adsense “spiders” will start crawling your site to basically see what your content is all about. Once they have that information, they are able to display relevant ads based on the topics contained on your website. Knowing this, you can see why it is important to have great content!

Google pays you based on two things: Clicks and Impressions. Clicks are whenever somebody clicks on one of the ads on your site (note: do NOT click on your own ads!) and Impressions are how many page views you receive on pages hosting ads. If you need a little help understanding Adsense terminology, check out this post.

How to get started

First, you will need to set up an Adsense account if you don’t already have one. Β Once you have signed up, you can start creating your ads units. You can choose from a variety of standard sizes and you can customize the appearance of your text ads. You cannot place more than three graphic ad units on a page. Choose ad sizes that fit in with the overall feel and sizing of your blog.

Once you’ve customized your ad units you will be given a code to place on your site. Follow the instructions provided to copy and paste the codes in the places they suggest. If you’re using Blogger, it’s totally fine to place the <head> code in one of your sidebar widgets if you are uncomfortable with placing it in the HTML of your blog. Β Note that ads will not automatically start appearing right away. Those spiders I talked about above need to do their job first and see what kind of ads they should be providing you with, so they may take a few hours to show up.

Does Adsense Really Work?

If you have regular traffic and are seeing thousands of impressions per day, then Adsense could definitely work for you. I do not recommend using Adsense on new websites or blogs with little traffic. In fact, it will probably be a complete waste of time and will be frustrating if you have little traffic because you will not see much in terms of earnings. It could take months to make a dollar. Work on creating lots of great content and share your posts on social media to boost traffic. Once you get a regular flow of visitors, give Adsense a try. Depending on your impressions, you could see a few dollars per day, or thousands per month if you’re a top earner.

In closing, yes, Adsense can definitely work if used correctly, but will not be a “get rich quick” method by any means. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to actually generate a living wage from Adsense.

What do you think? Has Adsense worked for you?

  • Sarah

    I have an adsense acct, and my nephew thought it would be funny to play with my site, and they suspended my account. I tried appealing it, but they said no. Is there any hope of it changing ever?

    • Dana Fox

      eek! not that I know of πŸ™ I’ve heard they are pretty strict about the sites they’ve suspended. πŸ™

      • Sarah

        That’s what I thought, but thought I would ask. Thank you!

  • Brittnee KAO

    I have a question – I am new to adsense and have been looking at my blog and seeing what types of ads get clicked. Right now I have everything enabled, but there are maybe 5 categories that are making money. (A whopping $1.64, but still) My whole blog is daily reviews of beauty products. Would it be a better strategy to only allow ads that are beauty and fashion and those other few categories that are working for me, or allow whatever so I have more chances for clicks?

  • I tried and tried to install this and just couldn’t get my ads to show up. I put the code in my blog’s html, I tried putting it in my sidebar html… nothing ever showed up or worked. No idea why πŸ™ Sad day.

    • Dana Fox

      You have to keep the ad script there for a while before Google can start serving ads to your site. Nothing will show up right away if you just install the code.It needs to crawl your site and get ads ready to display πŸ™‚

      • I’m talking… like 6-7 months. Painfully long. I know I did it right… I followed the directions word for word. I am convinced it just doesn’t like me πŸ™‚

  • indiwarior

    Okay, this was a great walk through but I have a question for you. My friend owns a website that focus on web design, wordpress resources etc. and he gets 15k visitors a day. According to you how much can he earn. I mean can you tell me the revenue he can get by impressions only ???

    • Dana Fox

      I can’t tell you that because each site is different. It wouldn’t really be possible to give an estimate because it would depend on the ads that have been target to his site, the number of ads he displays on his page, positioning, and other factors. One site with 15k visits a day could make $50 a month and another could make upwards of $1000.

      • indiwarior

        Ok, Thanks πŸ™‚ I think you should create a post which would explain which type of hosting plan is good for hosting WP. Some people just signup for those basic shared hosting plan because they are cheap and promises to provide unlimited everything. I also got trapped in that category. I looks good at the beginning but as you start to get more and more visitors, admin suspends your account and explains that you are eating up the cpu resources. Shared hostings are for those who own a very small business or want to create a portfolio. VPS is the best choice for bloggers who know that they will get mind blowing traffic.
        Thanks πŸ™‚


  • ya its working for my blog http://deathofjesus.blogspot.com/ and have earned $1 in just a week isint it good ??

  • Dahlia A.

    Although I am nowhere near the right flow of pageviews, I was wondering if the time does come: should I register with adsense, or the beauty blogging ad network you mentioned in the previous post? xoxo