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Blogger How To: Add Categories

Categorizing your posts in Blogger is not as difficult as you may think. This is a feature that often goes overlooked and can really help organize your posts for easy browsing. In Blogger, categories are called “labels”. Whenever you create a post, you have the option of adding labels to help categorize the content.

Your previously used labels will appear below the label box for quick access as well. The labels appear at the bottom of your posts and are linked to a search label page in Blogger. As shown in the image above, if you click on one of these categorized links, you will be directed to a page on your blog that shows all posts with that particular label attached.

Labels are Categories

The thing to remember is that labels ARE categories in blogger. They should not be used as a way to include keywords in your posts for search rankings. Many bloggers are confused about this and stuff dozens of keywords into the label section instead of properly categorizing their posts. Doing this might actually have a negative effect on your search engine rankings, and also leads to a cluttered blog and confusing categorization method. For example, if a reader clicked on one of your keywords at the bottom of your post in hopes of reading more posts related to that topic, they might only be presented with that one single post, or other posts that have little to do with the label. (The same can be said for WordPress’s “Tags” section).

How to add a link to category pages in your menu

Before adding a link to your navigation menu, you’ll need to get the link! Linking to any label page is easy and can be done in two ways. The first would be to simply right-click on one of your post labels at the bottom of your published post and select the option to copy the link.

The other is to manually type it out.Β  The format is simply your blog URL, followed by /search/label/your label, where “your label” is the selected label, such as “recipe”. So, http://yourblog.blogspot.com/search/label/recipe would display all posts with the label “recipe”.Β  The label in the URL needs to be spelled EXACTLY the same way as you have typed it into the labels section of you post. It is case sensitive, so if you typed “Recipe” into the label box instead of “recipe” then change your URL link to match.

To add this link to your menu bar, you would just need to add it as an external link on the Pages widget. Learn all about linking to external pages in my “how to add Pages in Blogger” post. Alternatively, you can add it to an image link using this tutorial: How To Create Image Links.

To summarize, using post labels is an excellent way to categorize your blog posts and allow readers to browse pages related to a single topic. If you’ve been using the labels section improperly, I suggest that you stop now and re-think your strategies πŸ˜‰

– Dana

  • WhimsyandNoir

    Yeah.. I’m totally one of those people that have been using the “labels” section completely wrong!! (how embarrassing!) In that case, where *is* the appropriate place in Blogger for tags/keywords to get better search results? I need to go back and do some cleaning!

    Also, I’m hoping you can do a step by step on adding the LinkWithin widget? Because their site always gives me an error about something not being allowed to be blank, (I’m assuming its some code thing, as it shows me a blank code box that is supposed to contain something) and so I tried adding code manually but that didn’t work either! Is it just me? Or my browser? I have no clue.

    Thanks for this blog!

    • Including keywords within your posts, titles, and URLs is what Google will look for the most. They no longer use the “keywords” meta tag either while crawling sites. There is no “easy way” to rank higher in search engines as nowadays it’s mostly about how important Google deems your site… according to sites linking in, social sharing, etc. Stuffing keywords is pretty pointless and you could be penalized.

      Not sure about LinkWithin, I will have to check.

    • Claire Choudhry

      Hello! Hope you don’t mind me butting in but just came across this and thought I would share a tip for LinkWithin. I couldn’t use it on blogger when I was on internet explorer but it worked perfectly on Firefox. So not sure if this might be your issue? Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  • I had no idea that was what labels were for! OMG thank you! Mind blown!

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  • Great tips, thanks!


  • Just wondering how this works for labels with a space in them? For example ‘high street’. What would the URL for this be? Thanks!

    • You can use %20 for any spaces in the url. So it would become high%20street

  • Fairuz Inas

    too bad we can’t change the label from “Makeup” to “makeup” πŸ™


    • you can, you would just have to update all of the labels in each post to match.

  • Muhammad Akram

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  • Is there a way to add multiple labels to one category? Example: I have a food label, and a recipe label – how to I get those both in the “Food & Drink” category I have?

  • Elaine Licciardello


  • vanity andme

    Hi, I paid for my blogspot template. It has already got the page catagories in layout. I have labled post to go into a catagorie in pages ie fashion , but I cant work out where to go from there. Each time I label and then cope and paste to the label, i end up with a new headline in pages. Please hellΔΊllp!

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    You are seriously the best! I looked at a few other blogs before I found yours and yours was the easiest to understand. THANK YOU! πŸ™‚

  • Annie Porter

    Thank you sooo much Dana! I’ve been trying to figure this out all day!!!

  • Great post and so helpful. I’ve been struggling with this! http://arcwrites.blogspot.com/

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  • Hi! Your blog post is the closest thing I’ve found to answering this question and I can’t seem to figure it out. I have four labels that I’ve already set up as individual pages, but how can I make each post under that label show up in a summary form with a thumbnail and title instead of one huge feed that takes forever to load? I’ve been searching everywhere and can’t find an answer! I know you probably don’t have time to answer, but thank you if you do! πŸ™‚

  • Just came across your blog post on this, and just have to say thankyou for explaining it so easily, I’ve been trying to figure this out all day and couldn’t figure it out until I read this post!

    Claire || http://www.nailbeautylife.co.uk

  • deshike jayasena

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  • Nik01a

    Thanks for your post, very clear. I’m still trying to figure out a step further: let’s take this case: i have some photos that I would define with 4 cateogries, and for each category 10 tags:
    – Categoy: Fashion, Fragrances, Make-up, Accessories
    – Brand: Dolce&Gabbana, Armani, Calvin Klein
    – Year: 2014, 2015, 2016, etc

    Once I’ve defined the categories, with the tags, as you well explained in your post, how can I make in a such a way as to let the user on filtering the only posts with “Fragrances, Armani, 2014” tags? That is: how could I filter tags on each category?

    Thanks a lot for your support,

  • angela

    Is there a way I can have one drop down menu for all (10+) of my labels?

  • Hopey Levrey

    For some reason, my sub- items do not pop up when clicking on them

    • Hopey Levrey

      Fixed πŸ™‚

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