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Create A WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes

You’ve talked about starting a blog for a while now, so why not just do it? Does it seem too complicated? I want to prove to you today that creating a self-hosted WordPress blog is so easy, especially with the help of the one-click install that BlueHost offers. A self-hosted WordPress site allows you to have full control over your blog without limitations, something that free services can’t match.

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Upgrade from Free WordPress to Self Hosted WordPress  

To get started with a self-hosted WordPress blog, you’ll need to come up with a catchy domain name first. To keep things super simple, head on over to the BlueHost website and click the “Get Started Now” button. They offer a totally free domain name and a hosting package starts at just $2.95 a month* for I Can Build A Blog readers! That’s like a coffee or two!  Their service is the only one I recommend and I even use it for this blog.  You need to set up your hosting account before you can install WordPress to it, so….


1. Complete the signup forms to create your account. Once you have your login details, sign in to your BlueHost control panel and choose the “Install WordPress” option. Install WordPress 2. On the next page, choose Install. install-wordpress-2 3. Select the domain name you’d like to install WordPress to. You can install it into a directory if you like, such as yourdomain.com/blog, otherwise just leave the “directory” box blank: install-wordpress-3 4. Select Show Advanced Options and enter the name of your blog. You can also choose your own username and password instead of the default generated ones: install-wordpress-4 5. Select Install Now and your installation will be underway. When complete, choose View Credentials. install-wordpress-5 The View Credentials page will show you your WordPress dashboard URL, username, and password. Whenever you want to create a new post and sign into the WordPress dashboard you will need to access it through this address.

6. Sign into your WordPress dashboard.

7. Create your first post! The sidebar of your WordPress dashboard contains all of your posting and settings tools. To create a post, just choose Posts > Add New.

8. Visit your Settings page to tweak the date/time options, comment settings, and permalink structures.

9. Your Appearance section is where you can upload WordPress Themes, add content to your sidebar, and more!

10. Browse through the huge repository of Plugins for special add-ons and features. That’s really all there is to it! Now you’re probably wondering why its taken you so long to set up your very own self-hosted WordPress blog, am I right!?

This post uses a BlueHost affiliate link in which this site earns a commission on each sign up, at no cost to you. This ensures you receive the premium hosting rate we are able to offer.

SOOO Simple! Create a blog in 5 minutes!

  • Pramudita Andaristi

    So to get it at $3.95/month I have to get the starter 36 months price. So will it charge $3.95 every month 36 times or will it charge once for all the 36 month ($142) ?

  • Thanks for the info. I currently have my blog with Weebly. It was super easy to start up but now I want to expand and grow my blog. I would like to move my site to WordPress but I have no idea how…any suggestions?

    • I haven’t looked into Weebly so I’m not sure of the process for switching, but I will when I get a chance 🙂

  • You would first need to get your new hosting set up, then point your DNS in your wordpress.com account over to the new server. There are instructions for that here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/change-name-servers/
    If you want to keep your posts, you would need to do a backup of your current wordpress.com site and import them into the new site. You can use the Import/Export tool for this. After that it’s really not that hard. The dashboard is pretty much the same (with more features) and instead of logging into wordpress.com to access it, you would login to yourdomain.com/wp-admin as it’s on your own server. I hope that helps!

  • Hi Emma,
    Wordpress.com is the free version of WordPress that is hosted on their servers. The customization is limited and you can’t do everything you can with your own WordPress.org installation. The WordPress.org version is one that you install yourself to your own hosting account, so you have control over everything.

    What you would need to do is edit the DNS of your domain name to point to the new hosting account you set up on Bluehost. Is your domain name purchased through WordPress.com? If so, you can easily change the nameservers to the Bluehost ones by following these instructions: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/change-name-servers/

    Then, once the DNS changes have kicked in *sometimes takes up to 48 hours* you could install WordPress through your Bluehost account to that domain as shown above. Does that make sense?

    • Makes perfect sense! Thank you, Dana!

  • Kelsi

    Hi Dana,

    My blog is on blogger, what self-host site would you recommend for blogger. I am wanting to still be able to change, edit, and design my blog. I would also like for my followers to be redirected to my new site, so that I do not loose any of my readers. What site would you recommend for me?

    • If you’re on Blogger, Blogger is already your host and you don’t need another. If you wanted to update to your own WordPress hosting instead (which would remove you from Blogger) then follow the instructions above!

  • pam

    I am very new to blogging. I have set a blog up called pamstravelobserver.wordpress.com but I want to change the name to pamscitycrawl.wordpress.com. Can I just change the name or should I set up a new blog?

  • Rabid Raghav Pandit

    Nice. For HTML help click here-http://www.htmlhour.com/html-tags/a-tag-2/

  • Naomi

    Hi! I was reading through the comments and your post and I also currently have a wordpress.com blog, if I want to have self hosted blog, do I need to change from .com to .org first? And I really haven’t done anything huge like this before, is it super complicated? I absolutely want to grow as a blogger so I feel like selfhosting is an important move.

    • If you want to go self-hosted then yes you would need to transfer your blog from the free .com version to your own host (as shown in this tutorial). You would need to Export your posts which can be done in the WordPress dashboard, and then import them into the self-hosted one once you have it set up!

  • Michaela

    Hi, a nice guide on how to start with WP.org!! Thanks so much for this post!! This morning I was just wondering whether to move to WP.org or not… I have one question: for the maintenance and posting, do I need any additional coding or IT skills? ANy idea how much additional time to maintain this blog in comparison to WP.com? Thank you!

    • It will work the same as wp.com but allow you more features. If you’ve been using the .com version successfully it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

  • im in love with this blog! gorgeous

  • This post was so helpful to me! I was able to start my very first blog about a month ago with your help! Thank you for the tips!(:

  • nets

    hi! a newbie here. can you please give me some ideas in customizing my blog site? i just created it on wordpress and as of now it’s just so bare and boring.. hehe! pls help me out.. thank you

  • I started blogging a month ago and have a free wordpress domain ‘frugalable.wordpress.com’. I’m a bit confused about what difference having BlueHost would make?

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  • Sarah Bassett

    Hi Dana, I started a blog with wordpress.com called sarahinshape.com. I just have the free version of word press and pay $37 for the domain name a year.

    Now because I have the free version of wordpress, I’m unable to use plugins, google analytics, or think about advertising, but to upgrade to premium to get plug ins, it will cost $125 a year, on top of the $37 I already pay.

    I would love to buy this blue host deal, but I don’t know how to go across without losing my domain name and the site I’ve already put so much effort into.

    I guess what I’m trying to ask is: is there anyway I can make my site self-hosted without having to pay the $125 a year?


  • Sully Sheperd

    Great content, thanks.

    I also read this article about easyengine which makes the server config too easy for wordpress sites who wanna go larger:


  • Susan Deal

    Hi Dana, My sister (bestfriend) and I have a blog for about 1 year with very little traffic. http://www.sunnyjoi.com – we set it up and are just getting back to it. I’m Sunny and she’s Joi. We just noticed that some chick (porn star) has dominated the name sunnyjoi and all social media with the name sunnyjoi and she has one heck of a SEO. We are both educators and do not want ppl looking for our site and getting her. We have tried everything and are now considering changing the blog url. My sister is set on keeping “sunnyjoi” in the title. Any suggestions? Do we have to change our blog name?

  • Shaeleigh Beaudry

    All of your posts have been MAGICAL to me today while building my site currently – THANK YOU FELLOW CANADIAN