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Create a Blogger Blog

Blogger is one of the top free blogging platforms available for anybody to use. It offers all of the blogging tools necessary to create a great site including:

  • Ability to set up multiple blogs on one account
  • Real-time Template Editor that makes it easy to customize
  • Advanced HTML editor for those more experienced
  • Widgets that can be easily added to your sidebars in a no-fuss easy manner
  • Multiple options for commenting abilities
  • Easy linking with your Adsense account and other Google products
  • Easy to use post editor and the ability to create additional pages

To get started with a Blogger blog, you will need to either have an existing Google account, or create a new one over at www.blogger.com. The process is quite simple:

  • Login using your Google account details, and then press the New Blog button on the dashboard
  • Enter the details for your blog following the on-screen prompts
  • You will be asked to choose your blog URL which will be “yourblogname.blogspot.com”. You can set up a custom domain at a later time if you wish.
  • Once your blog is set up you can start creating posts!

Blogger tips, tricks, and tutorials:

How to Make Your Blogger Menu Float While Scrolling

The most common email I receive is from Blogger users wondering how to make their navigation menu float while the user scrolls down the page.  This can be super handy and add to your user experience…

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Moving From Blogger to WordPress Without Downtime

If you're a Blogger user who has been considering making the jump to a self-hosted install of WordPress, it can seem a little intimidating if you don't know where to begin. With hosting, transferring…

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How To Add a Drop Down Menu To a Blogger Blog (Without Javascript!)

Drop down menus can help organize and categorize content links. While many web developers debate whether or not they are good or bad practice, there's no doubt that they can help clean up a design if…

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How To Edit the Blogger Read More Link

How To Change The Blogger “Read More” Link

The "Read More" feature of Blogger is a handy little one that can help condense your posts on your homepage and increase click-throughs. A lot of bloggers utilize this feature, but sometimes the…

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How to Add a Newsletter Popup to Blogger

Growing your mailing list is an important part of building a community and being able to reach your readers. Subscriber popups are handy because they allow you to prompt a visitor to join your list…

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How To Add a Contact Form to a Blogger Blog

How To Add a Contact Form on a Blogger Blog

Having a contact page on your blog is highly important. It is how visitors, brands, and companies can reach you and it's something that every blogger should have. If sharing your email address on…

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Blogger How To: Display Content or Widget on a Specific Page and Not Others

Blogger How To: Display Content or Widgets on a Specific Page and Not Others

Often times in comments for my Blogger tutorials on this blog, I am asked "how do I make this work only on posts and not pages?" or similar questions relating to having widgets or scripts only appear…

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How To Style The Blogger Comment Link

We already went over how to style your Blogger sidebar widget titles with background images, and since then I have received a few requests to show you how to style the comment link at the bottom of…

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How To Style Blogger Sidebar Widget Titles

Widget titles are the titles that appear above your sidebar widgets. Usually, you will simply type them into the "title" box in your widget editor and they are styled based on your chosen…

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How To Make The First Paragraph Letter Bigger in Blogger (Magazine Style)

Additional styling is always a nice way to customize your blog with some simple yet unique features. Text styling of your posts is fairly easy to do, but some things require a little extra knowledge.…

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How To Migrate From Blogger to WordPress (With a Custom Domain)

Eventually, you may want to transfer your blog from Blogger to Wordpress to have more control over your files and every aspect of your blog. If you are already a Blogger user who has a custom domain…

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How to Add a Facebook Share Button to Blogger Posts

Allowing others to easily share your content on social media is something that is always important. Thankfully, many of the services we use for our online promotion have social sharing buttons that…

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How To Migrate from Blogger to WordPress (With a Blogspot URL)

I get asked pretty often if I can put together a tutorial showing Blogger users how to transfer their posts over to Wordpress. Well, lookie here, your requests have been answered! This tutorial is…

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Add Signature to Blogger Posts

Add a Signature to Your Posts in Blogger

This little tutorial was requested by a reader and I am sure it can help out a few of you. I'm going to show you how to add a signature to all of your new and existing Blogger posts. The best part…

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Google Web Fonts

How To Use Custom Fonts in Blogger or WordPress

The idea of adding custom fonts to your blog has definitely come a long way over the years. Back when I started creating websites, you could pretty much only use standard computer fonts like Arial,…

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Blogger How To: Remove Borders From Pages Menu

  I just finished showing you how to center your Blogger Pages menu using a simple code, and now I wanted to take it a little further by showing you how to customize it even more. By default,…

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Blogger How To: Center Page Navigation Menu Links

  If you're a Blogger user, you know that the Pages widget is a little less than pretty. Sometimes you want it to line up properly with the rest of your layout and not appear aligned to the…

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Blogger or YouTube Headers Appear Dark Grey? FIX!

One of the major annoyances I find that my clients and fellow bloggers have a problem with is uploading header photos in Blogger. If your settings are not configured properly, you'll notice that…

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How To Add Categories in Blogger

Blogger How To: Add Categories

Categorizing your posts in Blogger is not as difficult as you may think. This is a feature that often goes overlooked and can really help organize your posts for easy browsing. In Blogger, categories…

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Blogger How To: Move Linkwithin Widget Below Post Footer

Linkwithin can be a great widget to increase pageviews on your blog. By default after you install your widget in Blogger, it automatically appears at the bottom of your blog post, above the post…

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