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Black Friday Deals for Bloggers

With Black Friday upon us, it’s easy to get lost in the thousands of sales happening! That’s why I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite deals exclusively for bloggers! Everything from amazing tutorials, to domain deals and computer/photography equipment. Photography Concentrate Tutorials A huge 40% off photography tutorials. I personally recommend the Extremely Essential Camera Skills tutorial for beginners wanting to learn to shoot in Manual mode,…

Tips For Finding Your Own Blog Niche

What does it mean to find your own blogging niche, and why should you stick to one? Having a niche means having a set idea or a topic that you write about. It is a more specific way of categorizing your content and attracting visitors who are interested in that topic. Choosing one gives your blog a little more purpose. It allows you to become known as someone who posts…

How To Get Web Design Clients

I get so many emails from young designers wanting to get started in web design and wondering how you go about getting yourself some clients. I put together this post to give you a little insight into my own experiences and advice for newbies. This stuff could also work for other types of businesses (photographers, other service providers), so I hope some of you find this information valuable! Building your…