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How To Add A Facebook Like Button to Blogger Posts

Ah, yes, social media. It’s always important to provide your readers with easy access to share and like your content. In this post I will teach you how to easily add one of Facebook’s ever-so-popular “Like” buttons to each post on your Blogger blog. It’s really easy, follow along below: 1. Go to your Blogger dashboard 2. Click on Template in the sidebar, then Edit HTML 3. Click inside of…

Facebook Interest Lists: See Content From Your Favourite Pages

The Facebook algorithm has been a thing of confusion for many. Page Reach has decreased over the years and has discouraged many Page owners. The actual reach of your Page’s posts is determined by many factors, including fan interaction, but what happens when your fans just aren’t seeing your posts as frequently as they would like? Today, I wanted to give you a super simple way to make sure you…

How to Create a Google+ Page

Since many of you are joining me over on Google Plus, I thought it would benefit you to know how to create a Page for your business, blog, or organization.  Just like on Facebook, Google Plus Pages do not contain any of your personal information.  I know that finding things on the G+ website can be a little bit of a headache, so I’m going to make it really easy…