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How To Set Nameservers For WordPress

If you’ve chosen the route of registering your domain name at GoDaddy, and hosting your Wordpress based site elsewhere like Bluehost, you will now need to link the two together. It’s very easy to do. You will need one thing from your hosting provider, and that is the DNS/Nameservers. In your hosting account admin area these values should be viewable, or may be contained inside of an initial welcome email…

How To Install WordPress Through CPanel

This tutorial will show you how to install Wordpress if you’ve already set up your hosting account and domain name. Most web hosts include free installable software, including Wordpress, in your control panel. Step 1 After logging into your website’s control panel (you would have received information to access this after setting up your hosting), look for a script area that contains Wordpress. Sometimes this is under a separate icon…

Blogger vs. WordPress

So you’re new to blogging and trying to decide which platform would suit you best. Let’s compare both platforms for a moment… Blogger offers a free service that is easy to customize and great if you have no experience with coding. You can control the layout and design through Blogger’s simple editors and see your changes in real-time. The post editor also offers all of the functions you need to…