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Domains and Hosting

What is a domain, and what is hosting?

To create any website outside of a free online provider, you need both a domain name and a hosting account. The two are completely separate things. The domain name is simply your own WWW address on the internet. It is registered to you as the legal owner and cannot be used by anybody else. It’s sort of like registering a business name. You pay a yearly fee to keep the domain name in your possession.

Hosting is like housing for the contents of your domain. It stores all of your website’s files, and allows you to set up additional features like email accounts and more. The two will be linked together to work as one.

There are two options when you decide on your website name and corresponding domain name. You can either register  your domain name through a domain name registrar, like GoDaddy, or you can just register it along with your hosting account when you sign up. Personally, I prefer to host my domain names with GoDaddy because I love the domain manager and find that they tend to let you have more control over your domain’s settings. Also this allows for easy portability should you ever decide to switch web hosts or close your website and just hold onto the domain to do with what you please. It doesn’t matter which method you choose, however if you choose to register the domain elsewhere you will need to link it up with your hosting account, which I will explain how to do easily in the articles below.

Alternatively, you can register both the domain name and hosting with GoDaddy as they also offer website hosting. The choice is completely yours, but I’ve found that their hosting plans don’t compare to other places like BlueHost.

Domains and Hosting How Tos:

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