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How To Set Up WordPress in Under 5 Minutes

Even though I’ve previously shared how easy it is to set up a WordPress blog, some people are still a little hesitant on whether or not they have the skills to do it themselves.

I decided to create a quick video to show you just how easy it is so you could watch along in “real time”! You will see that setting up a WordPress blog is really quick and that anybody can do it.

For this demonstration, I used my BlueHost hosting account. Because you guys are so special and BlueHost is a supporter of this blog, I am able to offer a special hosting package deal of just $3.49/month, which is actually a killer deal for amazing service. You can sign up for your own hosting package right here and then follow along below:

How easy was that?! If you know someone who is contemplating starting up a blog or a website, pass this on to them so they can see how quick and easily it can be!

This post uses a BlueHost affiliate link in which this site earns a commission on each sign up, at no cost to you. This ensures you receive the premium hosting rate we are able to offer.