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Blog Wonderful Paperback Version


During my first year of blogging, I put my heart and soul into creating and documenting what worked, and what didn’t in terms of growing. My main blog, Wonder Forest, is my baby, my pride and joy. It is the place where I can let it all out. Where I can be creative, and where I can share my thoughts and discoveries with the world. My blog grew pretty quickly during only the first six months, but it was not without hard work. Today, it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors per month and generates a sizable 6-figure income.


Blog Wonderful is a book designed for both the beginner and novice blogger that shares my own tips, tricks, and knowledge that was gained as a “new girl on the scene“ during that first year.  Updated in October 2015 with new content! What you will find in this book is a collection personal thoughts about becoming better at blogging, taking your blog to the next level, as well as some helpful hints from my past profession as a web designer and internet fanatic. Whether you are looking to start a blog, or just want some help for your current one, I have you covered! I only know what has worked for me, and I hope that what I share will work for you too.  

What’s included

  • Advice and tips documented during the initial first year growth of my blog
  • What you need to know before you start blogging
  • Resources and video links for further learning
  • Professional advice for branding, design, and colour selections
  • Tips for designing your blog header, content area, and sidebar
  • Basic photography advice
  • Post formatting tricks
  • A beginner’s guide to statistics
  • Social networking tutorials and tips for attracting visitors
  • Engaging your readers so they come back!
  • How to stay current
  • Advertising, sponsorships, and how to make money with your blog
  • and more!


What people have said about Blog Wonderful

The second I finished reading; I rushed over to my laptop and logged onto my blog. I quickly installed new plugins recommended by Fox herself, fixed a couple of the mistakes I had been making while blogging, and commented on some other blogs – something I was unsure how to do correctly prior to reading this book. Overall, this book helped me greatly and was just the thing I needed to help me start the year with a fresh start on blogging. This book is a must-read for any blogger, no matter what your platform is. It will change the way you blog in a positive way. – Sam Couture
You will find lots of tips, tricks, ideas and other helpful stuff for bloggers. This book is great to help get started on the right foot and avoid common mistakes, like I did. What I found most helpful was that it made me think again about my content, pay attention to being original and being consistent. I bought it last month and it took me just a few hours and a couple coffees to finish it, it was so easy to read, all the tips were really helpful, i really enjoyed the way Dana wrote it, almost like if she was talking to me in person, I was really sad when it ended, I wanted more! – Elba // livecolorful.com
I thought this book was very helpful and informative. The information was extremely relevant and easy to understand. It really helped me gather my thoughts and get ideas on how to organize and proceed forward with continuing my journey to become a better blogger! – J
 I absolutely love Dana’s e-book, Blog Wonderful! Even though I’ve been blogging for awhile now, there were still so many great tips that I found extremely helpful. Everything from little design tips to how important it is to connect with your readers. The last chapter about making money with your blog has been a huge help! And I love that Dana points out that you need to build an audience before asking someone to pay you for advertising. I’ve recently started a sponsorship program on my blog, and the tips I’ve found in Blog Wonderful have really helped to make sure I’m moving in the right direction. I’d definitely recommend this e-book to any new blogger!
Sarah –  www.simplydove.com
As someone who has been blogging for just over a year now, I couldn’t help but wonder what Dana’s secret to (seemingly) overnight blogging success was. So when Dana announced the release of her new Blog Wonderful eBook I just had to grab myself a copy.. and I’m so glad that I did. Whilst I have to admit that there was some info in there that I was already aware of, there is just something about Dana’s online voice that makes you want to put that knowledge into action. My favourite chapters were definitely the last 3 chapters as I just couldn’t stop jotting down all of the awesome points that Dana made into my bloggy notebook.  Blog Wonderful indeed! 🙂
Felicity – www.pursuitoffelicity.com
Blog Wonderful has been an excellent resource for me and my fledgling little blog. From post layout tips to how to utilize social networking to planning your posts properly. She holds your hand through every step, and makes it easy to understand. I think the best part for me was the gentle reminder to just be yourself and share your life (or your business or whatever you’re blogging about). Good things will come when you’re genuine. And Dana, the Wonder Forest, and Blog Wonderful are truly genuine. A killer investment that you won’t regret.
Jackie – perchedup.blogspot.com

Do you want to attract visitors?

Blog Wonderful will show you exactly how to do that, and how to keep them! You’ll learn what to do and more importantly what not to do when it comes to gaining followers, readers, and blog friends.

Do you want to earn money blogging?

This eBook will set you up with the mindset you need to start monetizing your blog. You’ll learn how to be successful with earning a blog income and why some people aren’t cut out for it.

Do you want to create a blog that looks great?

Having been a web and graphic designer for 10+ years before I even started blogging, I offer you some useful tips when it comes to creating a blog that looks awesome! I’ve worked with clients like Kylie Minogue, Dave Matthews Band, Lenny Kravitz, and created the blog design and branding elements for popular YouTubers Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter. Find out why formatting your posts properly shouldn’t be forgotten, any why it pays to have a good design.

Do statistics confuse you?

I’ll share the basics about statistics and why you should care about your numbers. You’ll quickly learn what to look for and how to track your growth in the most simple way with Google Analytics.

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