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Google Algorithm Update 2015 – Save Your Blog From Extinction

Today Google rolls out their latest algorithm update, which has been dubbed "mobilegeddon" and will affect millions of websites across the world. Back in February of this year, Google announced…

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The Future of SEO: What To Know in 2014

If you asked me many years ago how to rank well in search engines, I would have told you it was all about keywords, link building, and meta data and explained what DMOZ was. Today, however, search…

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Google Analytics Basics for Beginners

I've talked about the importance of knowing your numbers in the past, and if you haven't yet set up a Google Analytics account, I highly suggest doing so if only to view some of your basic visitor…

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SEO Basics for Bloggers

Alright, bloggers and website owners. let's sit down for a cupp'a tea and talk about S to the E to the O. What is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization and you've probably heard the term if…

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