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7 REAL Ways to Make Money With Your Blog

There comes a time when you may want to start making money from your blog. Or perhaps you’re starting a blog with the intention of creating an income from it. Whatever the case, blogging has grown to be a hugely profitable business over the past few years and it’s only natural to want a slice of the pie. I’m not going to sugar-coat things: making a decent income from your…

8 Ways To Make Your Blog Better

As bloggers, we all want to make our online homes the best they can be. We want to make sure the content appeals to our visitors, that the design is attractive and the functionality is top notch. It’s easy to overlook things when we get so wrapped up in creating and tweaking elements so that they work well for us, but often times we forget about those new visitors.Keep your…

Create A WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes

You’ve talked about starting a blog for a while now, so why not just do it? Does it seem too complicated? I want to prove to you today that creating a self-hosted Wordpress blog is so easy, especially with the help of the one-click install that BlueHost offers. A self-hosted Wordpress site allows you to have full control over your blog without limitations, something that free services can’t match. See…