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Blogger or YouTube Headers Appear Dark Grey? FIX!

One of the major annoyances I find that my clients and fellow bloggers have a problem with is uploading header photos in Blogger. If your settings are not configured properly, you’ll notice that uploading any JPG header through the Layout section of Blogger results in an uploaded image that is darker than your original. With white background images, the background appears grey instead of white. Why is this, and how…

Google+, What They’ve Done Wrong… And Right.

For the past several months I’ve been using Google+ almost daily. I decided that since Google is so insistent on forcing everybody who uses any of their products to use Google+, it’s better to go along with the direction instead of avoiding it. Chances are, you use a Google product too. Blogger, Gmail, YouTube… all of them have Google+ now integrated, and it’s pretty much a give in that you…