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How To Create “Hidden” Pinterest Images

With Pinterest being one of the best search engine marketing tools to date, creating eye-catching Pin-able images is a must for any blogger.  When you create great Pinterest-specific graphics which include the title of the post on the actual image, the visibility of your blog post can reach new heights.  Many bloggers are already practicing this and include Pin-able images within their blog posts. But, what if you’ve created a…

How I Automate Social Content for My Blogs to Save Time

One of the biggest time consumers I found with my own blogs was preparing and posting updates on social media. Since I am a big believer in promoting your past content as well as your new stuff, I am on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest multiple times throughout the day. One single post is often not enough to drive significant traffic to your blog continuously, so to stick…

How To Get More Bloglovin’ Followers

Bloglovin’ is a great resource and directory for bloggers who are looking to expand their reach. A good majority of my traffic comes from the site, and being one of the more popular blog/rss readers after the collapse of Google Reader, it’s kind of a no-brainer that your own blog should take advantage of this.The great thing about it is that any traffic you receive from the site counts towards…